The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: CEO of eGym North America John Ford

The FUTRSPRT Interview Series: CEO of eGym North America John Ford

eGym’s Tech is Making Uniform Health & Wellness Available to All

By Matt Bowen

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FUTRSPRT Interview Series presents conversations with some of the sharpest minds in sports tech. Leaving no angle of competition or fan experience unscathed FUTRSPRT showcases those creating the future of sports right before our eyes.

FUTRSPRT’s Matt Bowen spoke with CEO of eGym North America John Ford about the company’s workout equipment, elite health platform, and the universal wellness impact it’ll soon make.

Take a second and think of your local gym — what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It looks the same as it did 5/10/50 years ago, doesn’t it? Has your workout regimen changed in months/years? Are you actually fit? How should one go about becoming fit from head to toe? How is that measured/recorded?

Enter eGym. It’s not just another flash in the pan piece of workout equipment — it’s the future of fitness. After speaking with eGym CEO John Ford won FUTRSPRT over with its simplicity and soon to be prevalence.

ThinkFord woke up one day as the CEO of eGym with no previous industry experience? Think again. He’s spent his career in fitness tech. He launched Virtual Active in 2005, which is “produces super HD virtual reality exercise programs that are embedded in commercial-grade cardio equipment.”

He did this by running around the world and videotaping trails. Ford describes this as “running through a national park on a treadmill.”

Virtual Active was sold to Netpulse which in turn merged with eGym in 2018. Netpulse creates custom-branded apps for health clubs. Notice a trend is Ford’s career? Video, then mobile apps, now eGym. It’s no surprise Ford is the CEO of eGym North America. Not only is he familiar with futuristic fitness, but he has also helped shaped the industry along the way. FUTRSPRT sought out to seek more information on the company that will soon be known by all.

What is eGym Today?

“eGym is a tech company in commercial fitness”, Ford begins.

“We want to make exercise available to all. There are new people getting into the fitness all the time but often they’re left wondering, “What exercises should I be doing?”

“eGym has made software that makes it easier for everyday people to personalize their workouts, track progression, and stay motivated.”

eGym hasn’t just created a workout machine — it has made itself into an exercise ecosystem. eGym is a workout-lifestyle brand. Not only does eGym have the ability to customized workout plans, but it’s also continuously updated with the latest insight from the findings in the exercise science industry.

eGym Features:

— 18 smart workout machines that know the user’s specific workout plan

— On-screen prompts that guide/motivate the user through the workout

— Wearable wristband, mobile app, and the eGym ONE open cloud platform

If Disney World were a gym it would be eGym. Everything is focused on the user experience. Everything is connected to the user and their fitness goals.

The aforementioned Netpulse has recently partnered with 49ers Fit to release a native app on Apple Watch. Correct, the publicly facing high-end fitness facility of the San Francisco 49ers is streamlining user experience via Netpulse, an eGym company via Apple Watch.

Any doubt surrounding eGym’s legitimacy has officially been put to rest.

What Are Some Pleasant Surprises You’ve Come Across @ eGym?

“We have a partnership with YMCA and we’ve been able to deliver transformational experiences to its members”, says Ford.

“These are people that are strength training for the first time in their life. We’ve received inspiring emails from Y members telling us that they’re sleeping better and have noticed that their back/posture issues have subsided.”

What are eGym’s Challenges Right Now?

“Digitization of the gym is our biggest challenge.”

“The gym looks the same as is did 30–40 years ago. We need to get tech into the gym”, states Ford.

“In 5–10 years gyms will be smart and fully connected.”

Ford is saying that eGym’s biggest challenge is exactly the one it’s quickly solving. He says “5–10 years.” What’s magnificent about that statement is that eGym provides those solutions today. Per its website, “Everything from gym equipment to fitness trackers, apps, and management software can be connected via eGym ONE.”

In 3 Years eGym Will Be Known for _____?

“eGym will be known for making the gym for every gym-goer. The benefits of working out are magical and we want everybody to be able to access those personalized benefits.”


Ford ends with genuine sincerity. FUTRSPRT could tell he truly cares about the health and wellness of everyone. Correct, eGym has wonderful tech, equipment, and partners — but it’s in the business of making everyone a better version of themselves.

The gym of the future begins and ends with eGym.

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